In GTA Online, there is a number of secret weapons that tend to slip by unnoticed by players. This is primarily because either these weapons are not accessible at Ammu-Nation or they are accessible for a limited period only.

They are not really that strong or worth using, but if you are a collector, having these items for displaying is a must. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete list of all secret weapons in GTA Online and how to get them.

1. Baseball bat

It's odd that this traditional hand-to-hand combat weapon can only be found in specific areas. The most notable instance of its appearance is at the ULSA Sports Field in Richman, close to the running track. It will be seen floating above a platform that is enclosed by a small fence.

Baseballbat Gtav
Baseball bat

2. Combat Shotgun

Although the Combat Shotgun is available for purchase at Ammu-Nation, players must locate it first to be able to buy it. In order to access it in GTA Online, players are required to complete The Cayo Perico Heist Finale and find the Combat Shotgun from any of its unpredictable spawn points.

Maxresdefault 1
Combat Shotgun

3. Crowbar

This close-combat weapon is exclusive to certain locations on the map and cannot be bought. It can be conveniently found during the "Judging the Jury" (Martin) mission where one of the jurors at the dock is holding a crowbar. Players can take out that juror to obtain the crowbar.

Crowbar Gtav

4. Double-Action Revolver

Every new player in GTA Online will receive a message about a Treasure Hunt Challenge. As suggested by its name, players are required to embark on a hunt for treasure by reaching various locations before ultimately heading to the final spot to uncover the Double-Action Revolver.

Golden Double Action Revolver
Double-Action Revolver

5. Firework Launcher and Musket

The Firework Launcher and Musket can both be purchased at Ammu-Nation, but only during the Independence Day event week that includes July 4. Players searching for these weapons outside of this event period will not be able to locate them.

Fireworklauncher Gtav
Firework Launcher

6. Hazardous Jerry Can

Typically, this weapon is visible only during the heist preparation mission, Maintenance Gear Part 2. The reason it's mentioned here is that players used to be able to keep this weapon beyond missions, but due to numerous patches, it's no longer feasible. However, most players won't miss it as it's essentially a Jerry Can that cannot be ignited.

Hazardousjerrycan Gtaoe
Hazardous Jerry Can

7. Golf Club

As expected, Golf Clubs are accessible at the Los Santos Golf Club in GTA Online. Some of the people there utilize Golf Clubs for leisure activities, so players can easily obtain one by scaring them away or eliminating them. Although there are other methods to obtain it, this approach is the simplest.

Golfclub Gtav
Golf Club

8. Molotovs

The first throwable weapon on this list is the Molotov. There are multiple ways to obtain it, but the most effortless approach is to contact Merryweather and order an Ammo Drop for $1000. Alternatively, players can find it at different spots on the map, such as the dining area in Kosatka.

Molotovcocktail Gtav
Molotov Cocktail

9. Navy Revolver

The Navy Revolver is linked to an event in which GTA Online players have to locate five hints and then eliminate the Los Santos Slasher. Once players have killed the Slasher, they receive this gun and $50,000. However, as this weapon cannot be customized, it has limited utility for most GTA Online players.

Navyrevolver Gtao
Navy Revolver

10. Perico Pistol

In GTA Online Cayo Perico, there is a chance occurrence called the Sleeping Guard event. Essentially, one of El Rubio's guards is napping somewhere at random, and players have the opportunity to pilfer a key from him. After obtaining the key, players can open a small box on a desk in El Rubio's office to obtain the Perico Pistol.

Perico Pistol Gta Online
Perico Pistol

11. Service Carbine

The Service Carbine is one of the newest secret gun incorporated into GTA Online. It can be acquired by gathering five components dispersed across ten crime scene locations. This chance occurrence takes a minimum of 20 minutes to occur in a session.

Servicecarbine Gtaoe
Service Carbine

12. Snowball

This comical weapon is solely accessible in GTA Online when it snows. Players can grab it from any surface where snow is present and opt to hurl it at someone, causing negligible damage.

Throw Snowballs In Gta 5

13. Stone Hatchet

To discover the location of the Stone Hatchet in GTA Online, players must successfully finish five of Maude's Bounty Target missions, which will provide them with the necessary coordinates. This weapon boasts an exclusive ability called Rampage, which decreases the amount of incoming damage, giving it a distinct edge over other melee weapons in the game.

Stone Hatchet
Stone Hatchet

14. Railgun

The Railgun, which was previously restricted to specific missions and game modes, is now available to purchase at the Gun Van in GTA Online with the release of the Los Santos Drug Wars update.

Railgun Gtav

The gun can still kill some players with a single shot, but it takes two shots to take down players ranked 100 or above who have Super Heavy Armor equipped. The Railgun can destroy unarmored vehicles with one shot, and it may be useful against agile aircraft, but its projectile has a limited range of only 500 meters, and it cannot lock-on to enemies or vehicles.

15. Sweeper Shotgun

The Sweeper Shotgun can be purchased from Ammu-Nation after completing the Cayo Perico Heist Finale for the first time. It is not the most powerful shotgun in the game, but it can be a fun and effective weapon to use in close-quarters combat.

Sweepershotgun Gtav
Sweeper Shotgun

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